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"I wish I could hate you. I wish I didn't love you."



The Doctor frowned a little at her and said, “Then why do you? You don’t have to love me. You can leave, go home and pretend that we never meant. You’d probably be better off that way anyway.”

Finally, Clara realised that she wouldn’t be able to convince him otherwise. This was going to be it. But… well, there wasn’t anything that bad with just being friends, was there? “…Alright. Sorry for pressuring you so much,” She offered him a half hearted smile. She was beginning to feel humiliated for bringing this up in the first place, “We’re good, yeah? Still friends?”

"It’s okay," he murmured, looking toward the ground. She really would want to leave now, wouldn’t she? He couldn’t blame her if she did. He had just rejected her, but he had his reasons for doing so. When she mentioned being friends, the Doctor looked over at her again. He nodded. "Yes, of course we can still be friends."

“Gimme Angst!”



23. Our muses have been dating for three years and mine proposes but yours rejects mine.

The Doctor had been excited when he’d decided that he was finally going to propose to her. He’d had the perfect ring made for her and he took her to Paris, maybe a bit cheesy, but he’d thought that she would like it. After getting down on one knee, something that he’d seen humans do many times, he had expected her to say yes right away. When she said no his smile turned to a frown and he forced himself to stand, closing the ring box as he did so. He was glad that he’d found a place where it was just them. “No?” He asked, his voice sounding more broken than he intended it to be. “Why not? I thought you….I thought we….why have we been together this whole time then?”

"Now you’re just being silly," Clara snapped at him, "I didn’t turn it down out of shallowness. I didn’t turn it down because of what you are. I didn’t even turn it down because of you. I turned it down because of myself,” Clara shook her head, “Well then, maybe you asked the wrong person. Maybe you should just go find one of these many people who would’ve said yes.”

She still made no move to follow after him, and as soon as he was out go sight she sunk down onto the grass under her. This was just horrible. Why had this had to happen? The worst part was knowing that all of this was her own fault. If she just hadn’t been so afraid then this wouldn’t be happening right now.

She let herself cry quietly, thankful that there was no one else around. What did this mean for them? Would they carry on as normal? Or… not? She didn’t want to even think about what it would be like if this drove them apart. She didn’t know how she’d cope if they stopped being together.

The Doctor was certain that he wasn’t being silly. He’d been very serious. He had hoped that she’d say yes. Maybe he should have taken her somewhere more original, maybe that would have changed her mind. He just felt so heartbroken. This was why he never let himself get into relationships with companions, it wasn’t worth it in the end.

After awhile, his sobs turned into sniffles and eventually there was no more tears left for him. He pulled the blankets closer and curled up more. He knew that Clara hadn’t come back yet. While h knew that maybe he should be worried, he wasn’t going to. She could take care of herself and she would come back when she was ready. He stared at the wall for awhile, wondering what would happen with them now. Eventually he drifted on into not a very peaceful sleep.

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Your character finds mine passed out sleeping naked in bed. What do they do? 

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Your character walks into my muse’s room, only to find them fast asleep and half-hanging off of their bed, the blankets twisted into a mess around them. How does your character react? 

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"I gave you the best years of my life."

"I know Clara, I know. I’m sorry." He watched her sadly. "You want to go now, don’t you?"

"I thought we were okay…"

The Doctor looked over at him, almost hesitatingly. “I thought we were okay too. Are we not?” Something had felt…off between them for a couple of week now and he wondered if it was him. Was it his fault?

Best. Line. Ever. 




I remember actually applauding when I read that line in the book.

I always applaud when this part of the movie plays.

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